This summer, Mila Collier had a lemonade stand with the idea to make money to pay for school lunches for kids who need it. Mila, a 2nd grader at Jefferson STEM Elementary, raised $200 for students' lunches by selling lemonade and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, which is enough to cover 75 student lunches at Jefferson. Mila said, "I felt excited, because it helps those who need a lunch." Mila has been doing a lemonade stand for the past three years to benefit various causes. Recipients of her past donations include the Animal Welfare League and the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. We are proud of Mila's servant heart! #ExperienceWCS
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Here's Jefferson's Field Day , entitled "Ten Photos of HAPPINESS!" Have a great summer, Spartans! We will miss you so much! #ExperienceWCS #WCSLastDay
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We're maybe just a tiny bit excited about Field Day tomorrow. #ExperienceWCS #WCSLastDay
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Field Day prep
In total, $349.10 was raised for Riley Hospital for Children! Thank you, Jefferson Spartans! #ExperienceWCS
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Talent Show winners
People's Choice
Jefferson 1st-graders enjoy being hands-on scientists at Cherry Creek. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Our 6th graders graduate this afternoon! Ample parking is available across the street at Winona Lake Grace Church.
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6th graduation
Tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd, is the final day to vote for the People's Choice from our Talent Show! Every cent equals a vote, and all proceeds go to Riley Hospital for Children. Who will win the People's Choice? Stay tuned! ​ #ExperienceWCS
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rock, paper, scissors
Kindergarten family and friends, there is extra parking available across the street at Winona Lake Grace Church, if you are planning to come to Kindergarten Graduation today.
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K graduation
Kindergarten students used "Bloxels" to create Mario game characters on their own. They had to figure out just how many of each color they needed, which colors they used more of, etc., in order to create and complete their characters. #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Because we can't get enough of this morning's Spartan Senior Breakfast, here are even more photos to enjoy! #ExperienceWCS
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Jefferson's Annual Senior Breakfast, an event that honors former Spartan 6th-graders, saw at least 29 students returning to our halls and cafeteria this morning. These "Forever Spartans" got to spend time with each other, as well as with many former teachers. After a light breakfast, provided by our amazing PTO, the group donned their caps and gowns and took to the halls for a celebratory stroll, amidst the playing of "Pomp and Circumstance." Current Spartans lined the hallways to cheer for and be inspired by what these Forever Spartans have achieved. ​ Well done, Spartans. Well done! And all the best to whatever your next chapters hold for each of you. ​ #ExperienceWCS
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A reminder about tomorrow's (5/20) Senior Breakfast. We can't wait to see you!
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Senior Breakfast
Jefferson's annual Talent Show has come and gone—and was FABULOUS! Students, and even a few staff members, showed talent, but more importantly, they showed COURAGE. We are proud of ALL of them. ​ That said, YOU have an opportunity to vote for your favorite(s)—the People's Choice—through Wednesday the 22nd with your wallet. Each cent equals a vote, so $1.00 equals 100 votes! All proceeds will be donated to Riley Hospital for Children, so your votes count in more ways than one! Students may vote before school in the gym lobby or in Music Class or in the office. Please be generous, as this is an important cause. ​ #ExperienceWCS
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Talent Show performers
Thank you for your attention to this important information.
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ID English
ID Spanish
Today's the day! #ExperienceWCS
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Talent Show
Mr. McClintock recently brought his knowledge of meteorites, as well as many specimens, to share with Jefferson's 5th-graders. How lucky is our school to still benefit from all things "Mr. Mac"?! ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Meteor Mac
Jefferson's 5th-grade visited Pisgah Marsh in North Webster. Students participated in three different stations: birdwatching and identification, tree and leaf identification, and how soil is different at high points versus low points, which included taking soil samples at both high points and low points to show the different layers of the soil and how it separates. ​ #ExperienceWCS #WCSJeffersonSTEM
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Kindergarten students recently celebrated the end of a unit about Community Helpers. First, they took a community walk to start thinking about community and what kind of people are in a community. Then over several weeks, various community helpers came in to talk to the students about what they do, tools they use, and the children were able to ask them questions. Students met many different helpers, including an eye doctor, dance teacher, engineer, professor, and more. During this time, students dove into five main categories of community helpers: those who keep us safe, keep us healthy, give us information, provide goods and services, and build and repair. Students were given a category, and they worked together to create a poster of their category and practiced presenting it. The culmination of study was the Community Helpers Showcase, where community helpers and parents came to visit and see all the things the children had worked hard to learn. The students even created cards to say thank you to our community helpers and gave them out at the showcase. Photos by Miss Kohler. #ExperienceWCS
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Tomorrow—Friday, May 10, 2024—is the final day of this school year to bring in deposits for Via Credit Union Student Branch accounts. Image: CC0 from Pixabay
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time is money
It's School Nurse Day, and we have The Best! #ExperienceWCS
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School Nurse Day