Jefferson Elementary School Building


Situated in Beautiful Winona Lake

Jefferson Elementary is a three-section building serving 450 students that sits next to Grace College in beautiful Winona Lake, Indiana.

Indiana Certified STEM School

Jefferson Elementary received STEM School Certification from the Indiana Department of Education. This means Jefferson excels at integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into the core curriculum of Warsaw Community Schools.

Positive and Encouraging Environment for Growth

In addition to creating a safe, positive learning environment, Jefferson Elementary staff work exceptionally hard to create powerful, lasting relationships with students. Through this and the use of student data, all students are encouraged and comfortable to take risks, embrace challenges, and grow.

1:1 Technology

Through utilizing 1:1 iPads, project-based learning, and Project Lead the Way, Jefferson Elementary continues to take advantage of opportunities to integrate STEM–based activities in everyday learning.

Community-Centered and Supported

Jefferson is a building with relational, warm staff that promote a sense of community among students, families, and their peers. Jefferson has a small-town feel with the same cutting-edge curriculum Warsaw Community Schools has become known for. Teachers know their students on a personal level and strive to make students feel seen and understood.

Family Groups

Jefferson Elementary continues to implement Family Groups. Sixth grade students lead members of their “family,” which contains students from younger grade levels, in a variety of activities throughout the school year. These activities help students think about their dreams, build leadership qualities, and enrich the lives of others.