Jefferson Elementary School Building

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of the people listed below.

Phone: (574) 267-7361

  • Kaitlyn Terpstra - Building Secretary

  • Nicole Smith - Administrative Assistant


Please help us by getting your student to school/class on time! School begins at 9:10am on T-F and 10:00am on Mondays.

  • If your child is absent please call the school at (574) 267-7361 to report their absence. Please leave a message if we are unable to answer, we check the machine regularly. Students not called in as absent by 10am may be marked as unexcused.

  • Please turn all Doctor's notes in to the school office so we can clear your student's attendance.

  • Reminder: Students are limited to 7 parent excused absences per year. Each absence (vacation, mild illness, family emergency) counts toward the limit of 7 absences as stated above. After the allowed day limit, each additional absence must be covered by a Doctor's note to be excused.

  • Students who will miss school due to a pre-planned educational activity should complete the attendance exception. This must be filled out and turned in to the office at least 5 school days before the absence. Once approved, absences will be cleared by school staff.

Attendance Exception:
Exception Forms

Attendance and Truancy, Policy #5200 Students who attend school consistently and are on time develop better socially, establish better communications with their teachers, acquire important lifetime habits such as dependability, self-sufficiency, and responsibility and have more success academically.

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